Laser cut kite winders

Laser cut kite winder A little project I did recently came from needing additional kite winders for my kids. Since the mid 90s I’ve enjoyed flying sport kites, and have tried to get my kids involved at least a little. In the Washington, DC area, the Wings Over Washington Kite Club holds a fun fly on the first Sunday of every month, typically on the grounds of the Washington Monument. Heading down there has been a nice way to give mom 2 hours free on a Sunday morning.

At the August first Sunday, I had one tube winder that was severely tangled, and just one other winder. I also knew I had some extra kites at home I’d like to start bringing, so I had to have more winders available. Since it was near the end of summer, only a small selection of kite line was still available at local retail.

With a page of results from Google Images for “kite winder” I made a file in Adobe Illustrator that looked about right. Add the names of the kids, and a generic kite’y message (along with a scribble technique I had wanted to try) and the art was ready to go. I found a few pieces of scrap at Nova Labs, and loaded the file into the laser cutter. A few test cuts, and then I ran the job.

Since the winders were symmetrical, I could easily remove the finished winder from the scrap, flip it over, and engrave the other side maintaining alignment. Easy!

Sanding the edges was the hardest part but necessary for putting a slight bevel where you hand would grip, and where the line wrapped around the winder.

Here’s a PDF of the file if you want to make this yourself: Kite_Winders_2014-08-06

Laser cut kite winder  Laser cut kite winderLaser cut kite winder  Laser cut kite winder


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