Kudos to Fisher-Price for repairable toys!

Fisher-Price Doodle Pro - broken
No more erasing for this Doodle Pro 🙁

Maybe not quite as timeless as an Etch-a-Sketch. but I think Magna Doodles are still pretty popular. I had one as a kid, and now my kids have a Doodle Pro by Fisher-Price.

Now, while I may give this 3 stars on a product review for breaking in the first place, I have to give kudos to Fisher-Price for making this particular item SO EASY TO FIX!

Six Phillips head screws!

No adhesives or clips!

A quick bit of glue to reattach the magnet strip to the swiper, and bam, a $25 toy is kept out of a landfill.

Thanks FP!

Phillips head screw
No security bits needed, and no adhesives or clips to fuss with!
Swiper arm with no magnet
The adhesive on the magnet failed and it came off the swiper arm.

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